PREVIEW Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is runtime error 200?
  2. The key matchups and predictions do not show up?
  3. Why does it crash at the getting statistics stage, but works if I turn off matchups?


A: This happens if you try to run preview before week one has been played - it need some stats to work it's magic! It works fine from weeks 2 and on.

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A: For matchups, use the -key switch, for predictions, use the -pd switch.

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A: This happens because PREVIEW is set to look for certain positions to list in the matchups. If a team has no Tackles, just Guards, it might fail when it finds an opposing DE to matchup, and no one to face him! Check these type of issues if this happens. It matters for T, DE, WR and so on. This is very rare.

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