FPS 97 Sub Set Problem Fix


To Sierra Tech and anybody experiencing the Vanishing Substitution Set Problem:

Like many other players of FBPRO97 I have been unable to use Substitution sets within the arcade section of the game. I found that I could save and retrieve sets in the play editor, but that they did not appear in the arcade, all slots showing as "Unused". Sierra said they were aware that a "large number" of users experienced this problem but they had explanation for why it worked for some people and no others. I am delighted to say that (by luck rather than skill) I think have found the problem. It appears that when sets are created the play editor saves them using the format: <league Name>.set Where <league name> is value of the LEAGUE NAME field in the LEAGUE DATA screen. However the arcade section of the game searches for a file with the name: <league File Name>.set Where <file name> is the name used to store the LEAGUE FILE ON THE HARD DISK e.g. The sets for NFLPI96.LGE are expected to be in NFLPI96.SET For many users this is no problem since when you create and save a new league the LEAGUE NAME defaults to name given to save the new file on the hard disk. However if you change the LEAGUE NAME field for any reason you are left with a situation where the play editor is saving the sets under a different name from the arcade. Hence the sets "disappear" in the arcade.

The answer therefore is to ensure that the LEAGUE NAME matches the first part of the LEAGUE FILE NAME. If not change the LEAGUE NAME to match. If you then create Sub sets you should find they work normally.

I hope this solves this problem for everyone, it has for me. If not then my

apologies in advance.

Sorry about the length of this post but I've tried to make it as clear as possible so that computer amateurs (like me!) can understand it.

Best of luck..........