Q: Will the computer owned teams sign players?

A: No, sorry. Perhaps in a future version. I will first make Windows versions of my software.

Q: Why do some players not show up on the salary lists?

A: You must BUILD SALARIES after every season to add new players (rookies, delete retired etc.)

Q: Why do players reject my deals?

A: You must pay them enough! formula is this. Take his current salary, then multiply by number of years you wish to sign, and that is the total (bonus + salary) you must offer him. Now, for the bonus, you must pay a certain amount, depending on the length of the deal. Longer deals are more cao firendly, so to offset the locking in of a player, you must pay him up front with bonus. 1 yr deals require at least 20% in bonus, and that increases by 5% for each yr added to the deal.

Q: What if I go over the cap?

A: That is up to the commissioner, FPSGM does not control that.

Q: I made a mistake, can I erase a deal?

A: FPSGM (not AGENT) can do this by entering a 0 yr deal, with 0 salary and 0 bonus, and then choose yes when the player rejects to sign anyway.

Q: How do I decide free agents up front?

A: This is up to you. Random, or by age are 2 methods built in. I did it manually in my league, by making a list of players, then adding deals. FPSGM knows to make a player with no deal a free agent after 3 yrs (restricted though)

Q: I lost my SAL file, what do I do?

A: Start over! I advise you to store CON files and SAL files daily in a seperate zipfile to allow you to 'rebuild' it if a problem occurs

Q: What if 2 or more teams bid for a player?

A: FPSGM is intended for you to have siging periods. I allow bids daily until 1900, then I put all CON files in the same directory as FPSGM, then I choose PROCESS BIDS. This makes FPSGM handle all the bids at once, and if several teams go after 1 player, the team who had the highest chance to sign him (in %) is done first, and so on, until he is signed, or no teams may bid for him. Now, you must post the signings then, because if a team sends a new bid tomorrow for a player already signed, he will then sign with that team.

Q: Why does AGENT crash to DOS when I run it?

A: There is no SAL file present in the same folder. Commissioner should post this daily, or as needed.